We build the cannabis
brands of tomorrow.

Genius Brands is a CPG studio that creates, manufacturers, and distributes relevant cannabis products through category-defining brands. We operate at the intersection of legacy and new-age cannabis.

Who We Are


Seasoned executives creating the cannabis brands of tomorrow.


Traditional operators ensuring the roots of our industry are upheld within the brands we create.


Brand builders seeking to infuse culture and relevance into the properties we create.


The brand incubation arm of a $150M cannabis private equity fund.

Our Team

Genius Products is supported by an exceptional team of well-rounded professionals.

Chris Clifford
Chris Clifford,
Chris Clifford
Kurt Yap,
Chris Clifford
David French, CSO
Chris Clifford
Domenic Venneri, CMO
Chris Clifford
Ben Kingston,
General Counsel
Chris Clifford
Jennifer Paley,
Chief Compliance Officer
Jay Cawley, EVP Sales and Promotions
Freddy Cameron,
EVP Retail Distribution
Allen Sha,
EVP Product Development
Laura Elliot, EVP Packaging Development
AJ Henry,
Director of Media and Partnerships
Onelia Estudillo,
Director of Digital / Social
Dan Abramson, Director of Content
Sasha Salehi,
Senior Graphic Designer
Chris Gennuso,
Senior Product Designer
Toni Giampietro,
Sales Director
Zartir Kev,
Account Executive
Stephanie Sanchez,
Account Executive
Skyler Schrein, Account Executive
Gordon Mitchell,
Account Executive
Esteban Garcia,
Account Executive